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Mission Statement
A Piece of My Village
Rickie P. Brown Sr. (C) 1993

Sun as of Gold
Skies of the deepest Blue

My Village once lied,
Past Timbuktu

Near the empire of Ghana,
These people of Hue

Which is the color of their skin
Blacker than blue.

On the banks of the Euphrates where life began,
Where God said " my beloved ,

In our own image
Let us make man."

Then he stuck in his hand,
And out of man's side.

Came the Nubian Princess,
 A symbol of Man's Pride.

She could bend the palms,
Her Love as many as the sands.

Her gift to our generations,
The strength beside the man.

So he erected great temples,
Conquer of distant lands.

Foretold by the Prophets,
These cities still stand.

Now part of our civilization has crumbled,
It's people's  travel's lost.

But I alone has kept it's secrets,
Protected at life's own cost.

So to many it may seem little,
But "A Piece of My Village" I've saved.

The Craft of my Ancestor,
In my mind's eye, it's engraved.

This gift is not of Gold of Silver or Ivory, my friend
But the gift of giving something,

Made from our own Hands.